How I became a performer

Being born in Canada and having grown up in Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, I experienced different cultures and influences from a very young age. Relocating meant getting used to new surroundings, finding new friends, and experiencing different ways of living and being. A constant for me was always the world inside me, my imagination and art, especially music and movies. I was a somewhat shy and timid child, I was not confident in athletics and any type of physical feats. My withdrawal from physical activities in public would eventually help me discover that dancing and moving was innate to me, as I would listen to music when I was alone, music would always affect my mood and in turn make me want to move. And when there was no music I felt my imagination creating rhythms and melodies that would inspire me to dance.

I have a Bachelor's degree in dance and trained in aerial techniques such as pole dance, aerial silks, aerial lyra hoop and aerial net. 
I do about one or two larger productions per year, one my most frequent employers is The Dutch Touring Opera, based in Enschede, the Netherlands. Aside from that I am a fulltime freelancer, performing at parties, festivals, exhibitions, corporate events, birthdays, music videos and other opportunities.

I have a deep appreciation for nearly all aspects of art and entertainment and I am always interested in discovering new styles and techniques.When performing I give myself fully to the moment and can touch and inspire my audience with my energy. I was born to do what I do and I am happy to share my craft with as many people as possible.






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